12 months in the making, 12 weeks in the selling and here we now sit eagerly awaiting the kick off date of April 18th for the second annual Dig It Up! The Hoodoo Gurus Invitational. Sydney and Melbourne cop the full spray via the multi-venue experience whilst Brisbane, Tweed Heads and Perth grab a ‘greatest hit’s package. Whichever city you live in everyone’s a winner. On with the final details.

With the on again / off again opening date of the Melbourne venue formerly known as Pony, Dig it Up! Melbourne has been forced to merge acts across all three existing stages: The Palace Main Room, The Palace Attic Bar and The Spleen Bar. The Palace opening time is to be brought forward from last year to accommodate whilst Spleen will now split its time between comedy (Bob Franklin, Dave O’Neil) and two piece outfits including current media faves Super Wild Horses. Dj’s Yo Grito (denizens of Sydney’s Good God club) will spin the garage old and new, as will Melbourne DJ Fantapants, living legend Bruce Milne revisits the halycon days of Au-Go-Go and Ken Eavel provides the roll to the rock to get this party started @ Dig It Up! Melbourne 2013

Sydney, meantime, has also been forced into a venue shuffle following the recent closure of Notes. The Sly Fox (a late addition last year) will now step up to the plate as the second major band room whilst Sydney’s favourite rock ‘n’ roll bar The Midnight Special has come on board to tackle a host of very special solo / duo acts. The Green Room Lounge – host last year to comedy and spoken word – will tackle more of the same but with the added bonus (like Spleen in Melbourne) of some quality 2-piece action including Wollongong’s brooding Mother & Son.

Latest and final additions to Sydney include snot-nosed Canberra punks The Fighting League, Radio Birdman’s Deniz Tek playing in duo mode (another Dig It Up! first), comedians Luke Heggie, Sam Bowring and MC Andrew Barnett, Hard-Ons guitarist Blackie (in solo mode), Darren Cross (formerly of Gerling) also in solo mode and backing up for a second appearance on the same day at Dig It Up! Sydney, former Nerve and Plimsoul, the Grammy award winning Peter Case this time in solo mode. DJ’s Yo Grito will bring the garage-stomp, FBi’s Stephen Ferris will provide the r’n’b, festival fave Jack Shit spins the esoteric and former Hoodoo Guru Clyde Bramley will get all chewy chewy with the bubblegum greats. And Sydney’s fabulous Sounds Of Seduction will bring the visuals, the vibes and the good times.

Phew… bang for $ or what? Dig it Up! We have delivered…

Check the full line ups below:


Syd Schedule DIU 505



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